The Amicable Divorce

Going through a divorce is a difficult time for anyone. It causes pain and upheaval in a household and when there are children involved, there are even more issues that must be dealt with. While the problems between parents are causing the split, children often have great difficulty understand divorce and can often blame themselves. This is why it is extremely important to maintain civility between the divorcing parties and to strictly avoid any bad mouthing of a co-parent in front of the children.

If you and your spouse have decided that the best option is to move forward with a divorce, finding an appropriate child custody lawyer in Broomfield will be next on your list. Once you have had the chance to get some recommendations and meet with a lawyer for an initial consultation, you will be ready to move ahead with the child custody issues relevant to your case.

Ideally, you and your co-parent will be able to make decisions surrounding the children with their best interests at heart, but often emotions get involved. When you meet with your chosen lawyer, it is smart to be prepared for the meeting ahead of time. They are busy and will be charging by the hour for their time. Use this time wisely! If you are prepared you will get more done in the allotted time and make progress faster.

When you arrive to your meeting you will want to bring several documents with you to support the claims that you may be making as a part of your case. These will include the following items though the lawyer may ask for more documents after your conversation depending on the details of your specific case:

* If there have been claims of violence against the children, be sure to bring police and medical reports to back up these claims.

* Bring a prenuptial agreement if one exists.

* If there have been issues with drugs or alcohol with the children’s other parent, be sure to bring proof of these claims.

* If there have been suggestions from the co-parent to move have the children move schools, bring report cards and notes from teachers suggesting the need for stability during a difficult time.

* Include education and work history for both parties involved in the case.

* Have a household budget prepared along with specific child related expenses.

You will likely have a Recommended Reading good moved here number of questions to ask during your meeting and it is a good idea to write the questions down ahead of time. This way you won’t forget to ask key questions once you’re sitting in front of your chosen child custody lawyer in Broomfield. Bring a notebook and pen so that you can jot down the answers to these questions. A reputable lawyer will be able to guide you through this complex process and make it clear for you as you progress.

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